Urban Rivals First Top 10 Win!


I wont claim to be a great player of the game, but I FINALLY got a top 10 win! In fact I placed 5th in one of the daily tournaments!

528 clintz, one credit, some bronze and silver tokenz and my first gold token. I’m not much for competition, but it can be fun to get that feeling in your gut when you see that you’re doing well. And getting 5th out of 260 players… I have to say that feels pretty good.

Come check the game out here: Urban Rivals





Kravenhurst Asylum Walkthough


This is a quick run for my game, Kravenhurst Asylum. A horror/escape game set in the fictional town of Kravenhurst Washington.

The goal of the game is to first escape from your cell, then escape the asylum. In the video I show you the fast way to complete the game, to get the basic ending. There are 12 endings you can get. Depending on what else you do in the game. But I don’t show you any of that in this video.

I will be adding more to the game to get it ready for a Steam release later, after I’ve finished a few other games.

The Adventure of F***face Intro Video


After Gamejolt started putting anything they deemed to be only a “fangame” into a channel on the site, separate from the main site and all other tags, I decided to rework the game.

The end result was the Adventure of F***face. Which expands, and adds to the original. Plus, I will be putting even more into the game when I’m ready to start putting my games up on Steam.

It’s more raunchy, rude and crude than ever. A comedy RPG for people who aren’t afraid of jokes with an anti-PC attitude.

Current Projects and Plans


The current plan is to get a few games completed before I get on steam. I’m planning an expanded version of The Adventure of F***face for Steam. Also an expanded version of my horror/escape game Kravenhurst Asylum.

I’m working on a follow up to TAoFF called The Adventure of Bored Jimmy. That’s going to be a big game, with a lot of content.

While I’m working on that one, I have some ideas for a few smaller, more story driven games. Starting with ‘Nomina Mortui Ducunt Librum: A Sorcerer’s Tale’. The basic story for that one is a young apprentice sorcerer’s master gets sold a map to a very powerful magickal book. The ‘Nekroanoionomikonaviv’ (Neck-row-annoy-oh-nom-icon-aviv). The book is dangerous so the apprentice and his girlfriend, an apprentice healer, have to try and stop the old fool before he starts the apocalypse.

The game will have at least 12 endings, although it’s still at the ideas on paper stage. I’m going to do a central story, during which you will make certain decisions. Some will impact what happens once you get to a mid-way-ish point in the game, at which point it will split into one of 4 different paths. Then the choices you make after then will decide what ending you get. I will be doing, at least, good, neutral and bad ending for each path. I may do more, depending on how the stories for each path work out.
IE, if one path has say… a character that becomes important during development, you may get a different set of endings if that character is allowed to die.

I did something similar with Kravenhurst Asylum. There are two characters you can partner up with in the game, and if they die you will get different endings. There is also a rape event that can happen, and if it does that also gives you different endings. I do like creating different endings based on things like that, even if the overall ending is the same (you escape or don’t for example), those little variations help make a player feel like what they did mattered.

The other game I’ve got some notes down for is called ‘Greenville’. A group of friends go for a ski vacation at a resort near Kravenhurst and the smaller town of Greenville. Shit goes wrong. NMDL:AST will be a horror/comedy RPG (TAoBJ will be as well, although focusing on different things). Greenville will be more of a survival horror game.

If you would like to help get Acidbath Gaming onto Steam and/or support our projects, there is a link in the sidebar where you can make a donation. Or, better yet, buy a copy of a game. The Adventure of F***face

Thanks for stopping by.
Ryan ‘Acidhedz’ Murphy